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    on Nov 16th, 2016

From Dr. Narain:

Hi everyone. We are excited to introduce new tools to identify and treat eye disease in our practice. We recently upgraded our digital angiography system to the Optos California system. With it, we can identify more lesions, more peripherally in color and then overlay images of both fluorescein or ICG angiography. Already, we are seeing things that we never saw before! Stay tuned and I'll post some interesting cases soon.

From SBR Management:

We are preparing for our next CE event! We plan on doing a small CE on "Which Patients Would Benefit from Electrophysiology". Send us your feedback on topics you are interested in.

If there are any issues with referral of patients, not getting follow-up notes, or questions, feel free to contact us by calling our office or emailing info@southbayretina.com.

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