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Here at South Bay Retina Dr. Keshav Narain provides treatments for flashes and floaters for the Sunnyvale, Gilroy, and South Bay area communities. If you have specks or clouds that are interrupting your vision it’s time to see a retinal specialist. Before you contact Dr. Narain at South Bay Retina check out this helpful information about eye floaters and flashes.

Flashes and Floaters Q&A

by Keshav Narain, MD

What are Eye Floaters and How Do I Know If I Have Them?

If you have floaters in your eyes you will see tiny specks that look like dust in your field of vision. A floater can also be characterized as cobwebs, lines, clouds, or circles. These are easiest to see if you are looking at a solid colored background, such as a clear blue sky. Floaters are common occurrences that happen more often when people age. This is because they are associated with shrinking vitreous gel, which is the clear liquid inside of the eyeball. As the vitreous shrinks, it can cause shadows from cells lining the back part of the eyeball.

How Do I Know If I Have Eye Flashes?

Flashes in the eye are a bit different from floaters. While flashes are also associated with aging and shrinking eyeball gel, they appear to look like lightning or lights flashing in your frame of vision. Have you ever experienced a hit on the head that caused you to see stars? Flashers have a very similar appearance.

What Can Dr. Narain of South Bay Retina Do for Treating Floaters and Flashes?

Here at South Bay Retina Dr. Narain is a vitreoretinal specialist who regularly treats floaters and flashers. His treatment begins with a detailed retinal exam to see if your eye condition is caused by a more serious eye problem, such as a retinal tear or detachment. Typically, however, vitreous floaters and flashes are harmless and can be left untreated. Your best solution is to seek treatment by an eye care professional in order to determine your treatment plan.

Repairing Floaters and Flashes in Sunnyvale and Gilroy

As your leading retinal specialist in Sunnyvale and Gilroy we want to assist you with proper diagnosis and treatment of floaters and flashes. Dr. Narain is highly skilled in all areas of retinal surgery. Contact Dr. Narain at South Bay Retina today to learn more about treating floaters and flashes in your field of vision.

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