Glaucoma Specialist
Glaucoma is one of the most common eye conditions treated here in Gilroy, Sunnyvale, and the South Bay area by Dr. Keshav Narain at South Bay Retina. As we age we become more prone to eye conditions that lead to a loss of vision, with glaucoma being one prominent example. If you believe you have glaucoma find out what to look for in symptoms, as well as treatment for this complicated eye disease.

Glaucoma Q&A

by Keshav Narain, MD

What Exactly is Glaucoma and Why Should I Seek Treatment at South Bay Retina?

Glaucoma is a serious eye disease that has no cure, but it can be treated successfully by South Bay Retina. However, the key here is to get treatment as soon as possible as vision lost due to glaucoma cannot be reversed. Glaucoma is associated with the optical nerve that attaches the eyeball to the brain. This nerve gets damaged due to increased fluid pressure in the eye. It is a common disease that affects approximately 3 million Americans according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Unfortunately only about half of these patients get treatment in time to prevent permanent vision loss. As a vitreoretinal specialist, Dr. Narain can detect glaucoma at the early stages to help you avoid long-term damage to your eye.

Are Certain People More Likely to Get Glaucoma?

Yes, there are certain health conditions and risk factors that make it more likely for some people to develop glaucoma. These include being older than 40, having a genetic predisposition, or being nearsighted or farsighted. Individuals who are of African, Hispanic, or Asian heritage are also more likely to develop glaucoma.

How Does Dr. Narain Treat Glaucoma in the Greater South Bay Area?

Dr. Narain uses his specialist training to provide glaucoma treatment for the patients of the greater South Bay area. His extensive work with vitreoretinal conditions provides Dr. Narain with first-hand knowledge of glaucoma treatments. Whether your treatment involves medicated eye drops or glaucoma surgery, such as laser trabeculoplasty, laser iridotomy, or an aqueous shunt surgery, Dr. Narain of South Bay Retina will work with you to provide you with the best glaucoma treatment for your condition. Contact South Bay Retina serving Gilroy and Sunnyvale today to schedule an appointment for the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma. We look forward to helping you with your eye care needs.

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