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Dr. Keshav Narain treats patients suffering from retinopathy here in South Bay Retina in the greater South Bay area including Sunnyvale and Gilroy. Retinopathy is a complicated eye disease that affects the retina, and it can lead to loss of vision if left untreated. Find out more about retinopathy to determine if you need to seek the services of a vitreoretinal specialist at South Bay Retina.

Retinopathy Q&A

by Keshav Narain, MD

What is Retinopathy?

Retinopathy is the result of an eye disease that damages the retina. It is not curable but can be treated successfully by a retinal specialist or ophthalmologist. You can suffer from many different types of retinopathy, the most common being diabetic retinopathy. However, there is also retinopathy of prematurity that can occur in newborns born prematurely. Other types of retinopathy include hypertensive retinopathy and central serous retinopathy. While diabetic retinopathy and central serous retinopathy have symptoms including blurred vision, floaters, and flashes, you will not have any symptoms if you are suffering from retinopathy of prematurity or hypertensive retinopathy. The only way to diagnose these types of retinopathy is via a visit to your ophthalmologist, such as Dr. Narain at South Bay Retina.

How Does South Bay Retina Treat Retinopathy in Sunnyvale and Gilroy?

Here at South Bay Retina, serving the communities of Sunnyvale and Gilroy, we offer a variety of treatment methods for retinopathy. Laser therapy is commonly used for diabetic retinopathy to decrease retina degradation and to reattach the retina if needed. Hypertensive retinopathy and central serous retinopathy require medical treatment to prevent these conditions from advancing. However, with proper monitoring and treatment, such as lowering one’s blood pressure for hypertensive retinopathy, these forms of retinopathy improve on their own.

Get Help for Retinopathy in the Greater South Bay Area

If you are a patient in the greater South Bay area and you believe you have some form of retinopathy start by getting a comprehensive eye exam via your ophthalmologist. You will receive a diagnosis along with referrals to a vitreoretinal specialist, such as Dr. Narain at South Bay Retina. This will give you the proper treatment for your particular form of retinopathy. Contact Dr. Narain of South Bay Retina, serving the communities of Sunnyvale and Gilroy, to schedule an appointment or get a referral for retinopathy conditions.

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