Trouble Sleeping?

Dr. Narain recommends watching "How to Get a Good night's Sleep" by DW Documentary

Hi Everyone,

“How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep”  is an excellent production by DW (German Public Broadcasting).

This is a recently released documentary outlining current scientific and historical arguments that demonstrate sleep and the multitude of factors that affect it.  I was particularly impressed to see the description of blue light and its role in the insomnia epidemic of brought on by conversion from incandescent (full spectrum light) to LED (typically with increased blue light intensity). They don’t stop there.  They also discuss the role of food and the timing of meals in maintaining good sleep.  It is one of the best and most recent documentaries on the topic and I would highly recommend it to both doctors and non-medical types.  I have mentioned the role of light, especially short-wavelength blue light in causing sleep disruption via specialized photoreceptors in the retina that wire directly to the pineal gland. (IP -RGC’s). Check out the documentary below!

-Keshav Narain, MD

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