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At South Bay Retina, we distinguish our services from other medical practices by not only addressing the immediate needs of our patients but also the root cause(s) of disease. The appearance of retinal vessels, the function of the optic nerve, and other metrics provide insights into cardiovascular and neurologic status. As an integrative eye care clinic, we identify dysfunction before there are permanent changes leading to structural damage and visual decline.

Dr Narain

Meet Dr. Narain

Dr. Keshav Narain established South Bay Retina in 2000 and offers ocular care at two clinics located in San Jose and Gilroy. Dr. Narain uses a unique integrative approach to not only diagnose and treat, but to slow and reverse ocular diseases processes involving the retina and optic nerve. He has been recognized as an accomplished ophthalmologist in vitreoretinal disease and surgery and is a key leader and pioneer in integrative eye care.

Optic Nerve Diseases

Glaucoma refers to a group of progressive diseases affecting the optic nerve and is the leading cause of vision loss worldwide. Traditionally, there has been emphasis on intraocular pressures for the initial diagnosis and management of glaucomas. More recently, the progression of glaucoma at normal eye pressures has been identified and now constitutes the majority of patients. South Bay Retina is one of the few clinics to use the most comprehensive diagnostic evaluation for glaucoma available. By focusing on early signs rather than end stage features, we have greater opportunity to treat conditions before there is lasting damage to the vision.


Our integrative approach to glaucoma treatment includes traditional measures of eye pressure and nerve structure. However, we add next-generation functional testing such as electrophysiology (VEP and ERG), advanced microperimetry with gaze tracking, and optical coherence tomography (OCT) for nerve, macula, and blood flow analysis. No other clinic provides such a comprehensive array of tests to make the diagnosis and follow treatment responses. With this superior capability, we can differentiate between conditions of the nerve and those of the retina.


The retina is a layer of nerve cells responsible for vision. There are many diseases that affect the retina. While macular degeneration and diabetes are frequent causes of retinal disease, other causes include genetic mutations, immune dysfunction, nutritional deficiencies, and toxicities. Using an integrative approach including the identification of systemic factors that impact vision, we are able to evaluate and look for early signs of retinal disease before permanent and irreversible vision loss occurs.


An intravitreal injection allows Dr. Narain to place medication directly into the vitreous cavity (the space in the back of the eye). These injections are used to treat a variety of retinal conditions, such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD), diabetic retinopathy, retinal vein occlusion, endophthalmitis, retinitis, and more.

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