Pneumatic Retinopexy

Pneumatic Retinopexy is an in-office treatment for early retinal detachments.

What is Pneumatic Retinopexy?

Pneumatic Retinopexy is an in-office treatment for early retinal detachments. This treatment can supplement operative procedures to repair retinal detachments.


How Does a Pneumatic Retinopexy Work?

During a pneumatic retinopexy, a gas bubble is inserted into the vitreous cavity (via an intravitreal injection) to push the retina against the wall of the eye and remove fluid from beneath the retina through the retinal break. The patient will be provided specific positioning to help reattach the macula. Once all of the fluid is removed, a laser can be performed to barricade the detachment.

What can I Expect During Treatments?

When you come in for your treatment at South Bay Retina, Dr. Narain will inject an anesthetic around the eye. This will ensure you will feel comfortable during the entire procedure. Once the area is numb, Dr. Narain will inject a gas bubble into the eye. You may feel a temporary pressure-like sensation.

After your procedure, you may be given a topical steroid to put in your eye. The topical steroid will prevent inflammation. Patients may also go home with IOP-lowering drops and antibiotic drops to stabilize the pressure and prevent infections. Dr. Narain will closely monitor you for the next week to observe for resolution of the detachment.

What can I Expect From the Results?

With retinal detachments, the retina can be reattached repaired in 90% of cases. However, it is important that you seek treatment immediately if you notice any symptoms of a retinal occurring, including flashes, floaters, curtains, and shadows. Your vision will slowly improve after treatment but you may notice some distortions from the fluid being beneath the retina.

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