Glaucoma vs. Normal Eye

Glaucoma Diagnosis and Treatment in San Jose, Sunnyvale & Gilroy CA

Dr. Narain is a leading doctor of optometry at South Bay Retinanear Sunnyvale & Gilroy. He's met hundreds of people living with signs and symptoms of glaucoma, a common group of eye diseases which can be managed and even prevented with lifestyle interventions and early screening. He's happy to help you or your loved one see better while living with this ocular condition. 

What is Glaucoma?

There are a few different types of glaucoma, but in general, the condition leads to optic nerve damage and vision loss due to an increase in inner eye pressure. This happens when the aqueous fluid inside your eye (which normally drains and circulates) becomes blocked, usually due to a malfunction in the fluid duct system. 

Due to the increased ocular pressure, the weakest point of the eye (where the optic nerve leaves the eye) becomes damaged. The optic nerve is the neural connection between your eye and your brain, through which visual information is sent to the occipital lobe in your brain for processing. 

In addition to increased inner eye pressure, other risk factors for glaucoma include advancing age, diabetes, family history, African/Asian/Hispanic ethnicity, and severe nearsightedness.

Signs and Symptoms of Glaucoma

About 3 million people in America are living with glaucoma—and many don't even realize it! This is because signs and symptoms don't usually appear until well after the condition has already developed and upwards of 40% of vision has already been lost. 

Once symptoms do show up, the main symptom is a slow loss of vision—a person may complain of having tunnel vision as they lose their peripheral vision first. A rare type of glaucoma, called angle-closure glaucoma, is an acute emergency that requires immediate medical attention. Symptoms include sudden eye pain, nausea, and vision disturbance.

How Our Gilroy and San Jose Optometrist Diagnoses and Manages Glaucoma

As an optometrist in San Jose and Gilroy, Dr. Narain uses advanced technology and tests to screen for hidden warning signs of glaucoma. If you do have the condition, then it's important to visit with our eye doctor regularly so we can monitor your disease progression. 

Treatment may include a variety of approaches, including:

  • Eye drops
  • Oral medications
  • Laser surgery (for which Dr. Narain can offer pre- and post-operative support to maximize your outcomes) 

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