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Retinal Tear

Retinal Tear Specialist

At South Bay Retina in the South Bay area, Gilroy, and San Jose Dr. Narain regularly sees patients suffering from a retinal tear. Treatment for a retinal tear varies but will involve cryotherapy or laser surgery for repairing the torn retina. Find out what to expect with retinal tear treatment at South Bay Retina.

Retina Tear Q&A

by Keshav Narain, MD

How Does a Retina Get Torn?

A retinal tear happens when the clear gel inside your eyeball changes shape. This is a common occurrence that happens with the natural aging process. In fact, most of the time the gel of the eyeball shrinks without issue. Sometimes as the clear gel, also known as vitreous gel, changes its shape it can pull away from the retina. This is typically associated with inflammation in the eyeball or nearsightedness. When this happens the vitreous can take part of the retina with it. This is what results in a retinal tear. If left untreated this can lead to a retinal detachment.

How Can I Get a Retinal Tear Repaired at South Bay Retina?

In order to repair a retinal tear, you will need to seek professional eye care at South Bay Retina. As a retinal specialist, Dr. Narain can effectively treat your retinal tear with a variety of methods. He will utilize cryotherapy, which involves freezing the retinal tear, or laser eye surgery in order to repair your retinal tear. However, your specific retinal tear treatment will depend on the severity and type of tear and possible retinal detachment you are suffering from. Other treatment methods include pneumatic retinopexy or a scleral buckle.

Seeking Retinal Tear Treatment in Greater South Bay Area

If you are in the greater South Bay area and in need of a retinal surgeon, we are here to help. Dr. Narain of South Bay Retina is accepting referrals for retinal tear procedures. Contact our office today to find out how you can be referred to South Bay Retina for the treatment of your retinal tear.

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